Environment and upbringing at Illumineer


Our dogs live in the house because we want to stay in close contact with them. They are all belowed members of the family and are highly prioritized in our daily lives.
Like the adults the puppies are also kept in the house, which exposes them to a broad range of everyday household noises. The first three weeks they are kept in our bedroom to give mother and puppies peace and quiet and therefore no visitors are allowed until the age of 3 weeks.


Proper socialization is a key issue at Kennel Illumineer and we care a great deal about creating an environment for the puppy that challenges them in their development level. According to their age they are exposed to different surfaces for example shaking, woubly, slippery and rough. Inside as well as outside they have playgrounds filled with exciting toys that make weird noises, move in funny ways or simply dangle from the ceiling for hours of play and exploring. And when they are old enough we also build them playgrounds that change every so often which challenges them in balance, courage and mobility. Pictures from inside and outside playgrounds can be seen throughout this page.


At the same time we encourage friends and family to come over to visit, especially those with children since we believe it's important for the puppies to meet as many 'dogfriendly' children as possible before they move to their new homes, typically at the age of 9 weeks.


From the age of 6 weeks we start to take them on different trips outside the home. It can amount to two trips to two different cities, a trip to go meet sheep, a trip to the beach, several visits to dogplay and then of course the mandatory trip to the vet, the opthalmogist and the chiropractor. This ensures that they have been exposed to many different environments, people and situations and of course that their health, eyes and bodies have been checked and therefore ready to take on their new and exciting lives.