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6-7.december 2014


Double Show in Kassel


Last show of the year and what a weekend we had at the double show in Kassel:

a new VDH junior champion, two times second best male, two times BOB and a group 2 & 3 !!



Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun best junior male and junior cac.

Illumineer Key Aspect second best male and his first german cac. and Illumineer Skyline Drive BOB and BIG 2!



Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun BOB Junior and new VDH junior champion!

Illumineer Key Aspect second best male with cac and res. cacib.

Illumineer Skyline Drive BOB and BIG 3!



So happy and proud of this weekends results, and a huge congrats to Camilla Søs Holmsted Kruse on Astons junior title :)


2. november 2014


DKK international show in Herning


Great showday yesterday:

At the International show in Herning Multi.Ch Illumineer Skyline Drive 'Journey' won BOS and the title Danish Winner 2014 in a tough bitch competition!

Thanks to judge Barrie M. Croft and congrats to Kennel Khetashio on BOB.


In Germany, at the international show in Hannover, Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun 'Aston' went BOB Junior and gained his first junior cac, and Illumineer It's All About Me won her first german cac from intermediate class.

WTG Camilla Søs Holmsted Kruse and Pernille from Kennel Nivios on your results.

11. october 2014


KHKG Show in Aars


Aston Best In Show Junior !


Two shows in one day and some good results.In the first show Sheeps Kin Riding Shotgun ' Aston' earned his first juniorclub cac and fourth best male.

Illumineer Key Aspect won his second club cac from the championclass and went second best male.

His sister Illumineer First Conclusion 'Josie' was shown for the first time and was out of coat, but full of shennanigans and still got ex with ck and became third best bitch.

At the second show Aston won his second juniorcac, became third best male with adult cac, BOB Junior and Best In Show Junior !


Thanks to all involved :)

27. september 2014


Danish championship in DCH Obedience

What an incredible team :)

At the championship Merete and Josie did incredibly well and went 4th in the overall competition - we are so proud of this couples amazing accomplishments.


26. september 2014


HD and AD results :)


More good health news from our Travis x Dazzle litter and our Canadian import:


Illumineer Ready To Rumble 'Ellie'


AD: 0

Illumineer It's All About Me 'April'

HD: A 

AD: 0

And Aston - Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun

HD: A 

AD: 0

Congrats to all the owners, we are very happy with the results.


The result on Aston will be added to his page and Ellie and Aprils results it will go on the litterpage for the Travis X Dazzle litter.

15. september 2014


International show in Rogaland, Norway


Fine and Farrah did it again! DKCH VDHCH PLCH INTCH Illumineer Magnolia Mill earned yet another championtitle at the international show in Rogaland (Norway) where she went BOS with cac and cacib and became Norwegian Champion
Congrats Fine - so proud of you and miss Farrah
No pic from Norway unfortunatly, so this one is from when Farrah became danish champion in august last year.

1. september 2014


The danish championship in Rally - obedience


The super team Helle and Dazzle did incredibly well at the Danish Championships in rally obedience. Their results in the first round qualified then for next level where they earned a 7th place with an average of 95 points from both rounds..

Huge congrats to Helle Green on the great result and thanks for letting Dazzle shine in the rally ring - we are so proud of you :)

 29. July 2014


The super team did it!!

Helle and Dazzle qualified for and got invited to the Danish Championships in Rally Obedience which will take place in august.

This team has only been working together in a few months, and yet they have accomplished so much in such a short time :)

We wish them both luck at the DM..



6. July 2014


International Show in Rönneby, Sweden


Another international champion from our Diablo x Pippi litter !
DKCH DEVDHCH PLCH Illumineer Magnolia Mill 'Farrah' took BOS with Cacib at the international show in Rönneby, Sweden today and thereby finished her international championship!
A big congratulations to her co owner Josephine Morsing with the great result. You make us so proud of all you accomplish together :) 

21-22. June 2014


Double DKK CACIB Show in Vejen


What a weekend we had!



Illumineer Key Aspect 'Seamus' won open class, the cac and went second best male with res. cacib. This makes him Danish Champion just two days after he turns 2 years old and Norwegian Champion as well.

Illumineer Skyline Drive ' Journey' had an amazing day and went BOB and Group 2!



Seamus repeated his result from yesterday, this time from championclass and went second best male with res. cacib.

Journey did the same and took another BOB and was Crufts Qualified again - and placed Group 3!


...and the Rally O trial:

Dazzle earned another leg in the advanced class which she furthermore won with 97 points, expertly handled by Helle Green.



14. June 2014


Obedience and Rally O trials


Weeee - a LP titel! Helle Green surprised us today as she had the blue Ninja entered in a obedience trial and they did so well. The team got a first price and earned the LP1 title .
A million thanks to you Helle for taking such good care of Dazzle and working her while things are crazy busy here. We can't wait to have her home again.

We also have great news from Sweden where Travis and Dazzles daughter Illumineer Chatterbox 'Flora' enters her first Rally O trial and earnes the first leg in Novice class. WTG Larsson family :)

1. june 2014
International Dog Show Neumünster, Germany
Ch. Illumineer Magnolia Mill 'Farrah' 2nd best bitch
Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' won a big junior bitch class and earned her first junior CAC

International Dog Show Nörrköping, Sweden
Travis' daughter Twinspired Call It Luck 'Cille' goes BIG puppy.
Congratulations to breeder and owner.
31. May 2014
International Dog Show in Leszno, Poland

At the international show in Leszno, Poland both Travis (Multich. Leading Angel's Esteemed Thornapple) and Farrah (Ch. Illumineer Magnolia Mill) won their classes and became Polish Champions! Travis furthermore took BOS with Cacib and Farrah also won the Cacib.
We are so proud of them and the icing on the cake is that this is Travis 10th championtitel.
International Dog Show Drammen, Norway

Illumineer Me, Myself & I 'Fresco' became third best male and our co-owned Travis daughter Twinspired Climbing Fences 'Fanny' went BOB puppy and later Best in Group 1 at the show in Drammen. WTG Ramona Tatijana Lorieri!

29. May 2014


Great Rally O day:


Bayshore Stonehaven Vanilla Twilight ' Dazzle' won the advanced class and earned her first leg for the RA title, she was expertly handled by Helle Green - thanks for competing with the little ninja :)


 Dazzle's daughter Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' earned her last leg in the Novice class and therefore got her first title ( RN) at the age of only 13 months congrats with the great results Eva Løye Rosengren :) Her title has been added to our Working title page..



11. May 2014


DKK International Show in Roskilde


Fun day at the international DKK show in Roskilde. C.I.B. Ch. Illumineer Skyline Drive 'Journey' Best of Opposite and CQ :)

Congrats to all Jaggers owners on his BOB


16. april. 2014


We got the first health results on a girl from our Travis x Dazzle litter: Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' has A hips, 0 on elbows and eyes clear - yaaaaayy Congrats to Elisabeth Borgund Eknes with the great news

13-14. april 2014


Very happy with this weekends results from Poland for Bayshore Stonehaven Vanilla Twilight 'Dazzle' who saturday became best champion bitch with cac and BOS, and sunday best champion bitch with cac and best bitch a huge thanks to Helle Green for taking her with you and showing her so beautifully

4-6. april 2014


So many updates from this weekend that they will have to go in one:


Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' (Travis x Dazzle) went to her first Rally O trial which she passed earning a leg towards her Novice title at the age of only 11 months! Congrats to owner Eva Løye Rosengren what a great job you did together today


Illumineer First Conclusion 'Josie' (Marwin x Pippi) passed her trial in DCH and moved up from C to B class in the workingdogprogram. Congrats to owner Merete Abildtrup


Illumineer Ideal Topic 'Ava' (Marwin x Pippi) got her hip and elbows results, and they were great: HD: and AD: 0. All 7 puppies from this litter has now been x-rayed and the results couldn't be better: 7 x A and 7 x 0 !! Congrats to owner Sara Dunard on your sound and healthy girl


And the last, but not least a great showresult:

Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' (Travis x Dazzle) took Best Of Breed from juniorclass at the international show in Bergen ! So impressive, congrats to Elisabeth Borgund Eknes


15. march 2014

KHKG show in Køge, Dennmark


Very happy with yesterdays result from the double show in our specialclub. Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun 'Aston' had a super debut on his first ever show - he went BOB puppy and later Best In Show Puppy on the first show and BOS puppy on the second. Not the best picture ever, but Aston is happy to report that he and the judge became very good friends

22. february 2014


International show in Bø, Norway


We ended our lovely vacation in Norway at the international NKK show in Bø where the Illumineers were well represented and got some great results:

Illumineer Me, Myself & I 'Fresco' won junior class for males, Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' won junior class for females.

Illumineer Key Aspect 'Seamus' went second best male with cac and res. cacib and last but definetly not least Illumineer Skyline Drive 'Journey', who was completely out of coat, but nevertheless went BOS with cac and cacib which makes her Norwegian Champion and International Champion!


We're so happy and proud of all of them..

February 2014


Wintervacation in Norway


We had a wonderful two weeks in a family-owned cabin in Norway, and had the chance to bring all the dogs. That was very popular and the days were spent skiing, exploring the beautiful nature and relaxing. We once again learned how versatile the aussies are, since they quickly learned that pulling is great fun and they were quickly renamed the-sled-dog-team. We hope to be able to go back to discover more of the beautiful place and once again enjoy to bring the dogs on vacation with us..



24 january 2014


International Dog show Glogow, Poland


Miss Farrah ( Illumineer Magnolia Mill) had an excellent day at the international Dog Show in Glogow, Poland. She earned her second cac for the championtitle, and furthemore went BOS with CACIB. Thanks to Helle Green for handling her to this great result .

10. januar


New girl


We are happy and proud to present a new co-owned girl Fanny - we simply could not resist another Travis girl :)

Her name is Twinspired Climbing Fences, called Fanny, and we are grateful to Tatiana Lorieri and Helene Ellingsen (Aridgeocrats kennel) for owning this girl with us and to breeder Siv Sunde for letting us have this beauty.

She will be living in Norway and visiting Denmark once she becomes older. We look forward to see how she develops and to show her when time comes.

She has been added to our website on the female page.