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31. December 2015
Last rally trial of the year!
Anne and Hailey reached their goal for 2015 and finished the Rally Advanced class and even went third in class.
Hailey can thereby add RA to her name and next year begin in Expert class. Big congrats to both and a happy new year from all of us.
8. November 2015
NKK show in Letohallen, Norway
Another Illumineer did more than great this weekend. Illumineer Heartbreaker won BOB and thereby became new Norwegian Champion at the NKK show in Letohallen, Norway.
We are so incredibly proud of Eva and Vida - big congrats to you <3
7. November 2015
International DKK show in Herning
At the last show of the year Cayden took BOS puppy in a tough puppy lineup.
6. October 2015
Gavin and Journey puppies have arrived!
We are so happy and proud to be welcoming this dreamlitter of ours. We got 8 beautiful puppies - 4 of each sex and mommy and babies are doing fine. We look forward to see these guys develop.


19. september 2015
DKK Hillerød - Rally Obedience
We are so thrilled - Dazzle became new Rally Obedience Champion this weekend - an amazing accomplishment and to no credit of our own.
Helle Green and Dazzle have become an amazing team and Helle has been trialing Dazzle from Advanced class all the way to the top - competing in several Danish Championships, and now the icing on the cake - the champion title!
We therefore send a huge congrats to Helle - we are so immensely proud of what you two have accomplished together and how important you have become in Dazzle's life. She is so lucky to have one more person who cares so much for her <3
WTG Helle and Dazzle - you two truly rock <3
6. september 2015
Aussiespecialty in connection with EDS 2015
Oh my - amazing results from Norway where Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' went BOB and later Best In Show at the aussiespeciality before EDS!!
Huge congrats to owner Elisabeth Borgund Eknes - what an accomplishment!


2. August 2015
Another german show and new titles!
Journey (DKCH NOCH PLCH INTCH DKKLBCH. Illumineer Skyline Drive ) finished her VDH Championship in style yesterday! - she went BOB and was shortlisted, but unplaced in a huge herding group.
We are so proud of this girl and this particular title - 4 out of 5 times her german cac has been complimented by a BOB and group placings or shortlisting.
Yesterday we also brought with us Sheeps Kin Riding Shotgun 'Aston' who won his class and earned his second german cac and Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' who won a huge open class and went res. best bitch with her second german cac.
A great day in Bremen and a big thanks to judge Svend Løvenkjær, DK.
Congrats to the co/owners of Aston and Vida and thanks for letting us show them.
14. July 2015
One exciting invitation!
Another invitation for Danish Championships in rally Obedience. Helle and Dazzle did it again - through their excellent results they qualified for the championships in the expert class.
A big congrats to Helle and best of luck at the championships.
27- 28. june 2015
Shows in Norway
 Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' two times BOB this weekend in Norway this weekend.
Huge congrats to owner Eva Løye Rosengren on your great results - so very proud of you and miss Vida..
27. June 2015
Rally and Obedience in Lyngby
Yay happy happy me!
Today we competed in obedience and Journey did so well - we got 168,5 point out of 180 and the LP1 title!
Illumineer Ready To Rumble 'Ellie' competed in Rally and won her second leg towards a Novice title.
Congratulations to her owner Louise..
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20-21. June 2015
Vejen International DKK show
We brought two babies with us to Vejen and Helle had Dazzle entered in rally-obedience.
Illumineer Always with You ' Cayden' stepped foot in the ring for the first time and did a great job and went BOS Baby.
Dazzle also did super well in the rally obedience ring - she won her second leg towards a champion title - a big thanks to Helle Green who is doing such an amazing job with her.  


6-7. June 2015
International show in Drammen and more rally trials
Great weekend for our co-owned and bred by :)
Camilla and Sheeps Kin Riding Shotgun 'Aston' went to Norway for the international show in Drammen and it was sure worth the long trip. They took Best of Breed and became qualified for Crufts.
In Denmark 3 Illumineers was at a rallytrial and they to got some great results. Illumineer Somersault 'Hailey' had just moved up in Advanced class and was entered in two trials in the same day. They passed both trials with high points and thereby earned to legs, which means they are one leg from the RA title.
Illumineer Ready To Rumble 'Ellie' participated in rally for the first time and passed her first trial.
Illumineer Keepstone 'Tiwaz' earned his second leg in the advanced class and is now also just one leg from the RA title.
Big congrats to all owners and thanks for the beautiful jobs you do with your Illumineers <3
30-31. May 2015
And yet more titles..
Anne and Hailey won their first title this weekend when they earned 90 points at their third rallytrial in Novice class. Hailey can now add the title RN to her name and she has also been added to our title page.
The rest of us took a trip to the VDH show in Neumunster where Aston won his first adult cac towards the German Championshiptitle and Seamus also won a cac in his class.


24. May 2015
And more titles..
Another rally title on a Illumineer :)
Illumineer First Conclusion 'Josie' got 98 points in her last trial in the rally novice class and can now add the title RN to her name.
Big congrats to owner Merete Abildtrup
14. - 15. May 2015
New titles!
Some great results these last days on dogs co-owned by us or bred by us:
Sheep's Kin Riding Shotgun ' Aston' did well in the obedience ring and earned a new title - LP1 !
Illumineer Heartbreaker ' Vida' entered the rally advanced class for the first time and won an impressive 100 points and can now add the title RA to her name!
With this result she also qualified for the Danish Rally Championships !
Finally Illumineer First Conclusion ' Josie' also did well in the rally ring; another trial in novice class and one more time 96 points which means she only has one leg to go to finish her novice title!
Big congrats to owners Camilla Kruse, Eva Rosengren and Merete Abildtrup - we are so super proud of you :)


25-26. April 2015
Double Show in Sunndalsøra, Norway
Wow - what a weekend for Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' who lives in Norway.
Saturday: BOB and Best in Group !!
Sunday: another BOB and new Norwegian Champion !
Huge congrats to Elisabeth Borgund Eknes on your beautiful girl and your great weekend :)
And a result from the rally ring as well: Illumineer First Conclusion 'Josie' earnes her first leg towards a novice rally title with 96 points at her first rally trial :) Congrats to owner Merete Abildtrup.
18. April 2015
More rally obedience..
The row of amazing results from Helle and Dazzle continues. This time an impressive 95 points which means first leg towards a championtitle!
A huge thanks to Helle Green for competing with our girl, and congrats on all your results :)
April 2015
Fun times for puppies
The puppies are growing and fast become old enough for the socialisation outside of the house to start.
Above pictures from their adventures and trips :)
23. March 2015
Rally Obedicence trial
Illumineer It's All About Me ' April ' did really well in the rally obedience ring. With a 96 point score and winner of the advanced class she made it one step closer to the RA title :)
Big congrats to her owner Pernille Jacobsen :)
14. March 2015
Double KHKG Show in Skensved


Mr. Aston ( Sheep Kin Riding Shotgun) had a great time at the double show today.

At the first show he became fourth best male with res. cac.

And on the second show he took BOS with cac, and later BIS 2 in the competition for all the BOS winners!

A big thanks to judges Blaz and Marija Kavcic for the results and his co-owners Camillla and Jesper for letting us show him today


12. February 2015


The puppies are here :)


We are so happy to welcome the Montana x Pippi babies. Mommy and babies are doing well. We have 6 boys and 1 girl and all colors and are very pleased with them ;)

         Illumineer It's All About Me 'April'                  &             Illumineer Me , Myself & I 'Fresco'

January 2015

We began this year be receiving beautiful new pictures of two of the puppies from our last litter - the Travis x Dazzle litter. These youngsters are growing and maturing very well and thanks to Pernille Jacobsen (Kennel Nivios) and Tatiana Lorieri for sharing some nice pictures of them.