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News 2013

VDH Doubleshow in Kassel


Resume of two great show weekends for the Illumineers: Norway: Last weekend Illumineer Wonderful Me ' Keira' took BOB puppy and furthermore won BOG at her last time out in puppy class!
This weekend Illumineer Heartbreaker 'Vida' took one BOS puppy and one time BOB puppy at the double show in Kassel. At the same show Ch. Illumineer Magnolia Mill ' Farrah' earned two times cac and thereby finished her German championship ! Big congrats to the owners and thanks so much to Bitta for bringing Farrah to Germany and handling her to finish the title.


24. nov
Doubleshow in KHKG Køge
This years last show happened in Køge. We had Seamus and Journey entered for both shows, and the results from the two shows are identical :)
Seamus placed two times as second in class. Journey did very well and went BOS at both shows. In the first show she went earned her last cac for her club championtitle, and can now add yet another championtitle to her name: DKCLUBCH. She furthermore went two times BIS in the competition for the BOS winners. Her sister Farrah earned her second club cac for her club championship at the last show.
2 - 3. november
DKK Herning
We had an awesome weekend in Herning on the last international show of the year in the Danish Kennel Club. Our dogs were only entered sunday where there was an entry of 48 aussies! Travis began with winning an impressive championclass and continued to be BOS with cacib and the new title Danish Winner 2013! Journey also did well, she went second in champion class and became second best bitch with r. cacib. We are very happy with the results on both of them.


13. october 2013

Another trip to Poland and a new championtitel for Journey

Farrah and Journey did great at yet another show in Gorzow, Poland. Farrah earned her first polish cac and Journey earned her last which finished her polish championship and she can now add PLCH to her name.



6. october 2013


KHKG show 2013 in Strib


So happy with today's results at the double club show: Illumineer Magnolia Mill 'Farrah ' won the champion class and earned her first club cac. Illumineer Key Aspect 'Seamus' won the junior class at both shows, earning two junior cac's and furthermore won two regular cac's for his Danish championship in a huge best male lineup.




September - Oktober 2013

During one week two dogs from our first litter finished more rallytitles:


Illumineer Keepstone 'Tiwaz' (pictured) finished his Novice title. Congratulations to owner Mette Munkholm

Illumineer Skyline Drive 'Journey' finished her last trial in Advanced class and can now add the title RA (Rally Advanced) to her name..

Tiwas title is added to our page for Illumineer offspring that has achieved working titles.



15. september 2013


Journey BOB and BIG2 in Germany!


We went to Germany to the VDH show in Krefeld. Miss Journey did very well and got another cac for her german championship, took Best of Breed, earned the title Rheinlandsieger and furthermore went BIG2 in the mainring.

Aug- Sep 2013


Showdebuts for the Travis and Dazzle puppies..


During the last month several of the Travis and Dazzle puppies have had their showdebuts.


The 17. august Illumineer It's All About Me 'April' went BOB baby on the big international DKK show at Bornholm. Congrats to Pernille and your little showstar!


In Norway the 7-8. september Illumineer Wonderful Me 'Keira' went BOB baby and furthermore won the group at the show in Ørsta. The day after she also took BOB baby and a BIG3 at the show in Ålesund! Congrats Elisabeth on an awesome weekend with beautiful Keira :)

5. august 2013


Rally O Trial in Køge

Another championship on a girl from our first litter finished this weekend - this time a working one. Illumineer Berryville 'Sienna' won the expert class with highest points and became rallychampion! Congratulations to Marianne Gundtoft Mose on your new title and an amazing day - the two of you are quite the team. We have added the title to our page of working titles which can be seen under the puppy page..


4. august 2013


Double KHKG specialclubshow in Køge 2013


2 shows in one day and some great results for the Illumineer team. Illumineer It's All About Me 'April' went BOS baby at her first show. Her sister went 4th best baby bitch. Congratulations to both owners on a fun day for the youngsters and a great day at their first show.

The two sisters from our first litter had an amazing day, Illumineer Skyline Drive ' Journey' went BOS and earned a clubcac on the second show. Illumineer Magnolia Mill ' Farrah' went BOS and earned cac's on both shows and is now New Danish Champion!!

Both girls finished the day by going BIS2 for the BOS winners at each their show!

27 - 28. april 2013

More championtitles in the making ...​

Travis, Journey and I went to Poland yet again, and we had quite a succesfull weekend with two shows. Each dog won 2 cac's towards their polish championship and Journey garnered her second cacib toward her international title.

11. april 2013

The Travis & Dazzle puppies are here!

April 11 Dazzle gave birth to 8 wonderful puppies.

We have 7 girls and 1 boy and mom and babies are doing well..

More picture to come on this page and on the litter page..

24. May 2013

KHKG Specialclubshow in Køge

Mother and daughter did super - two championships finished in one day!

After a long break and motherhood Pippi stepped back into the showring and did very well. She earned her last club cac and thereby finished her clubchampion title, and furthermore went second best bitch, only outdone by her daughter.

Journey had an amazing day, it was her first show after turning two years old and she finished her danish championship by going Best of Opposite. Later she even took Best in show for the BOS winners..

9. March 2013


Crufts 2013

What a day for the Illumineers at Crufts 2013

It was the first time our breeding competed at Crufts and it went so wel​l, Illumineer Ross Lane ' River' won a huge Post Graduate class, and later his sister Illumineer Skyline Drive 'Journey' did the same. We are so proud of the two siblings form our first litter!

Congratulation to Rivers owner Catherine Fuller on your amazing class win..

25 - 26.january 2013

Busy busy show weekend in Polen and Denmark!


Two clubshows in Strib

Dazzle earned her first club cac, and went third best bitch. Seamus was shown in puppyclass for the first time and went BOS Puppy.

At the second show he went BOB puppy and later BIS4 puppy..


International show in Glogow, Poland

We went to Poland for the first show of the year and are quite pleased with the results: BOB and BOS! Travis went BOB and Journey went BOS with her first cacib. Furthermore Travis went Best in Group 3

19. january 2013

Rallytrial in Korsør

The first rally trial of the year went well, Illumineer Skyline drive passed her first trial in Advanced class and got a leg towards the RA title.