About us

We love life in the country side, enjoy the nature and best of all - sharing it with the dogs. The dogs enjoys frequent walks in the fields and forest that surround our little house and they practice their dog to dog skills every week at dogplay.



Due to a limited amount of space on the couch, we keep some dogs at home and some of them live in co-ownerships; often people who are family or close friends. Here the dogs love to have their own family, but often return to us for dog-sitting, visiting or preperation for show or trials. Our co-owned dogs are a huge part of our kennel and their lovely owners a big part of our extended Illumineer family.


The two-legged household consist of Toke and Naja.

Toke spends his time trying to manage a busy schedule as an IT Business Consultant and at home full-time carpenter/ in-house handyman and of course care-taker of the dogs :)

Naja is an Anthropologist and ever-occupied with the canine household and management. Furthermore Naja is an educated puppy instructor and has taken the breeders education, both within the danish kennel club.

A deep and sincere interest in the breed has brought great experiences; two visits at the USASA Nationals, several visits with american breeders and numerous other adventures to learn more about the Australian Shepherd.